Fighting for a Cure (Hodgkin's Disease)

At we recently became affected by a disease that has hit us really hard. Like most people that have been associated with anyone that has been diagnosed with any form of Cancer be it a close friend or relative it changes your life dramatically. In my case my son (24) with a family of his own who works hard to take care of and provide for them the best he can, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in July. So now the fight begins to save his life and hopefully with all the advances in medicine it'll all be ok. I have chosen to add a page to the site to help raise awareness and to assist in maybe finding a cure for Hodgkin's. So I have added a link to the American Cancer Society website in case you may want to take part in finding a cure in the form of a donation for research and for helping some of those folks that can't afford health care. And trust me there are many many people out there. Finding a cure takes time and lots of money as reasearch and trial medications are expensive. If you can, please stop over there by clicking the link below or just web search for American Cancer Society and do it that way. It is a great cause and is surly in need of a cure. Thank you and God Bless..


Because many kind folks have asked, I have added the link to my sons fund raiser page. Thank you all for your kindness. God Bless - John Cline


Thank you


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