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So you get your new machine and you put it in the car and go to your secret spot,
Imagine Finding a 1942 Mercury Dime, or an Old Gold Ring or maybe a Jar Full of Old Silver or Gold Coins.
Well, It is very possible to do, and if your determined to do the work and research your chances get better, But remember there are no guarantees exept 1, If you stop using your detector your guaranteed to find nothing. 
You will probably keep your detector in the trunk of the car all the time. You will find yourself  wanting more, and with machine in hand it's like the whole world becomes your hunting ground. You may find it hard to stop, as you will always be trying to think of new places to hunt. You may be hunting on your lunch breaks! Truth is there are ton's of things waiting to be found on Farms, in Parks, Old Schools, Old Buildings, all the from the Highest Mountain Tops to the bottom of the ocean's all over the World.  

It's Very Exciting! 
It's a truly addicting hobby and it's a great way to get out and take in some nature. Not to mention some of the things that you could be finding, rare old coins are my favorite, but when you find your first piece of jewelry or old coin you will not want to put that machine down, Yes, it's that addicting! Ask anyone that gets out there and does it!  And not to mention that over time it's a hobby that can and will pay for itself over and over again.
 (If you put the detector to work that is)  

But, the best way I found to use a detector is by helping others. People lose rings and things all the time and if your the one with the detector you will be the one to possibly find it for them. What does that mean? It mean's you become a HERO!  Imagine being out one day and finding a ring that's been lost for years.. If your able to find the owner, can you imagine the kind words or the speechless expression you will get. You could literally change a persons way of thinking and not only leave a great impression but  you could make a huge impact on someones life.. And it doesn't get more rewarding than that. These are probably many of the reason's why you want to get into the hobby. You will become more involved with the hobby as you begin to get familiar with your machine and especially when you make your first discovery.. Hopefully by getting you out there and making some great discoveries you too will want to share your know how with someone else and get them going..
 We are real folks that want to be involved with each one of you.
 We are not going to sell you something and then forget about you..
 That's not who we are! 
We will take great care of you and we make ourselves available to you in many ways if you should want to talk to us for any reason. Please take a peek at what folks are saying about us on our feedback page and on social pages all over.. 

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Fisher F75 Ltd with Boost and Cache Processes. 

The most versatile high performance detector ever made! It is the industry's premier relic hunting and ultimate multi-purpose metal detector. 

  • Boost Process substantially increases depth under most conditions.
  • Cache Locating Process is designed to find large deep objects.
  • Lightest and best balanced of all high-performance metal detectors; Best Ergonomics in the Industry
  • Powerful Performance Trigger-Actuated Target Pinpointing with Variable Audio Pitch
  • Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display
  • Double-Filter Discrimination Modes for Searching in Trashy Areas
  • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph and Readout
  • Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB™ Ground Balance
  • Manual Ground Cancellation Option
  • Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings
  • Backlight – For Low Light Hunting Conditions
  • Low Operating Cost – Typically 40+ Hours with 4-AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 11” DD and 5” DD Waterproof Searchcoils included
  • Rain Cover for Control Housing & Battery Housing Available

Excerp from Field report-  While working in one of the corn fields, I came across a large iron ring at the edge of a corn field. I got the idea to try the Cache mode so I took the ring out of the corn and set it on the dirt road at the edge of the field. This ring is about 10” in diameter, maybe an inch wide band about ¼” thick or so. It was rusty of course. I switched over to the Cache mode and began sweeping across the ring while lifting the coil higher and higher. I was a bit stunned and delighted to be able get the coil to my chest height (over four feet) before I would lose a signal. And this was with sensitivity only on 50! Read More!

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